'No War with Iran' Protest 1/9/20

Signs and chants filled downtown Orlando during a "No War With Iran" protest planned by organizers. Concerned citizens took to Orlando City Hall Jan. 9 in order to protest former President Trump's decision to attack Iran via airstrikes that killed military leader Qasem Suleimani.

Martin Luther King Jr. Parade 1/18/2020

Dancers, community leaders, and nonprofit organizers filled the streets of downtown Orlando in a colorful display. The festivities marked the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission's 36th annual MLK Day parade in downtown Orlando.

DaJen Eats Feature 2/18/2020

Jamaican chef Jenn Ross poses in her food truck that she just managed to open for business. Ross said her journey in acquiring and preparing the truck for the restaurant was not an easy journey.

Chef Jenn Ross smiles widely in her brand new food truck that has just opened for business. Jenn said she plans to debut some brand new dishes to commemorate the addition of the food truck to her growing vegan food empire.

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